Outer Drive Technologies is monitoring the latest news regarding COVID-19 and following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well as local health authorities. We are taking the proper measures to ensure the safety of ourselves, as well as the safety of our clients, which means we are practicing social distancing and self-isolation. This is a rapidly changing and unprecedented situation, and we want to ensure that we continue to meet your technical needs and address issues that may arise as many businesses are making\made the switch to a Remote Workforce business model. We are here to help you navigate through this transition.
What does this mean for you?
We are asking that you please utilize our ticket system when you come across ANY issue. We are experiencing an influx of issues and questions as most businesses have now moved to a Remote Workforce model. Utilizing the ticket system allows us to closely monitor and keep track of issues, recognize any patterns that may require a larger fix, and make sure that all our clients are able to reach us and receive prompt assistance.
You can access the ticket system on any computer or mobile device Users have the ability to reset their password on the portal.`
. http://Outerdrive.portal.mspmanager.com
Are you using a company laptop?
If you are using a company laptop, Outer Drive Technologies has maintained current patching and virus definitions. Verified configurations and is able to monitor\access the remote PC. If you have been granted VPN or remote access, that will also already be set up.

Please keep in mind the VPN experience is composed of the following:
• Home Internet speed and reliability
• Total of active VPN users
• File Transfers
• Community based Internet usage

If you are using a company laptop and are experiencing technical difficulties, please submit a ticket.

Are you using your personal computer?
If you are using your personal computer to work from home this means that we have not securely set up your computer and not able to verify Security, anti virus and environment safety levels.

Office 365 users may access email and Teams from home pc’s via https://portal.office.com .

Implementation of Multi Factor Authentication is underway.
Security Tips – Working from Home
As you transition into working remotely it is important to take precautions to protect yourself from computer viruses and scams. Home users are often more relaxed when it comes to “security mindfulness” which can result in unwanted problems on your computer.
Getting Started…
• Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is password protected and secure.
• If possible, Use an ethernet cord to directly connect to the router able, this will enable a reliable connection.